The “invisible” work of mothers beyond the daily chores

Do you ever feel frustrated and angry, because some people around you underestimate your role as a mom? As if you are behind the scenes, where you run non-stop and when you go out on stage, everything you have done, becomes invisible to others. You have definitely heard the classic motto, “What did you do all day at home?”  Sometimes, the work of mothers becomes “invisible”.

Let’s see, what things you usually do as a mom:

  • You are the first one that wakes up in the morning and the last one that sleeps, at night.
  • The one who locks the front door at night.
  • You prepare children’s snack food for school and the clean clothes they will wear next morning.
  • The one who cleans the house and meanwhile, does the laundry 3 times per day.
  • You think of the right food to cook every single day, so you don’t hear them say, “I’m not eating this!”
  • The one who does shopping.
  • You play with your kids and read to them.
  • The one who has got the answer to all the questions.
  • You take care of your kids when they get sick.
  • The one who wakes up when they wake up in the middle of the night.
  • You sleep on the edge of the bed, because the little one had a bad dream and wants to lie down next to you.
  • The one who wants to sit and watch Grey’s Anatomy, but instead, is watching ten episodes of Peppa Pig in a row.
  • You never eat first, if you don’t make sure that your children have eaten their food. Therefore, you get to eat your meal cold.
  • The one who always has to keep herself in a good shape, even if you are too tired or feeling unwell.
  • Instead of buying something new for yourself, you always put on priority your kids getting them new things.

All the countless things that you do as a mother, just don’t fit on this page.

Your job mother is the most important in the world. In fact, it exhausts you, it stresses you out, it’s full of responsibilities, it tests your limits, it changes you as a person, it’s like a school, an unprecedented chapter in your life. But most importantly, you are responsible for a human life, which you must raise properly and responsibly. It’s not easy at all. That’s why, the work of all mothers is great and admirable. Always remember that.

Children are the future, they are the hope for a better tomorrow. They represent all the good things that have the ability to erase all the bad things in this world. Kids are the happiness that can eliminate misery. They can fix the mistakes of past generations. Children can accomplish anything impossible, when you teach them the moral principles, early on, in their life. You build the character of your children. Stand next to them every step of the way, to keep them away from deviance. You guide them and show them the right and the wrong. The good and the bad. You advise them, listen to them and support them. Fill them with love, confidence, inner balance, mental resilience, emotional safety and self-esteem.

Motherhood may not reward you with money, it may not be considered a great and difficult case by some people, but you know deep down in your heart, what you are really giving and what you are gaining in return, from being a mother. 

Behind the daily chores that you do mom, there is a remarkable work hidden with deeper meaning and substance. Each mother has got the power to reshape the next generation. The power to erase the word “violence” by raising socially and individually responsible children, with empathy. The work of mothers is amazing! Next time mom, anyone will ask, “What do you do all day at home?” simply answer that you are making the world a better place!