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Christmas DIY craft: Make festive tealight holders

Today, my girls and I made some beautiful Christmas tealight holders in two simple and fun steps. When we finished, they asked me for more, but we didn’t have enough jars. It’s a little bit early to start making Christmas DIY crafts, although, does it really matter? We love this time of the year and it makes us happy. So why not get yourself into the Christmas spirit earlier?  

What will you need?

-Empty glass jars (without labels)

-Napkins with Christmas designs

-A handful of flour and the same amount of water










Step one:

Mix the flour with the water. This will be your handmade glue.












Step two:

Apply the glue externally to the jar with your hands or a medium-sized brush. Then, with gentle movements, rest the napkin on top of the jar, pressing it slightly around. If the napkin is too large cut it to the size of the jar. After you are done, take the jars out to the balcony to dry. They are ready.










When it gets dark, put lightened tealight candles inside the jars and turn off the lights. It’s magical!

Tell me your Christmas DIY craft ideas!



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