How the Christmas kicked pandemic? 14 must things to do

At this time, almost two years ago, no one had imagined how 2020 would evolve for the whole world. We were preparing for Christmas, decorating our homes, going shopping and buying gifts for the beloved ones. Our mood was happy and festive. Although, for the second time, holidays are still unusual. We can’t do all of the above things in the same way. Everything is different. Our daily habits and circumstances have changed. We have been alienated from friends, colleagues and relatives. Everything is stagnant, as if time froze in uncharted waters.

However, I believe that sooner or later, everything will change. It’s not a permanent condition right? Everything will pass and will go back to normal. So, now is the time, to get rid of the negativity and moodiness that surround us. We shouldn’t let the pandemic affect our holidays. We shouldn’t let it take away the Christmas magic.

Here are some tips to kick the pandemic and spend some beautiful and happy holidays, no matter what:

Watch all-time favorite Christmas movies, such as:

Listen to Christmas songs and carols, such as:

Decorate with ornaments the whole house

Bake and decorate Christmas cookies with kids

Make Christmas beverages, like hot chocolate with whipped cream, sprinkles and marshmallows

Wear Christmas pajamas, socks and slippers

Roast chestnuts. They are warm and they smell like Christmas

Watch the Christmas tree lights in the darkness. It’s so magical

On New Year’s Eve, tell your children to leave on the table a glass of milk and some cookies for Santa

Make DIY festive crafts with kids

Create Santa’s flour traces on the floor

Write Santa a letter with your kids

Send holiday wishes to friends and relatives. Just one message to show them you care

Wrap yourselves up in a blanket and enjoy the moment by reading some magical holiday story on the couch

Happy Holidays to all!



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