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DIY: The best Christmas craft-quiz game ever

At last, the long-awaited and favorite December has arrived. What can I say about this wonderful month? It is the most festive, joyful and beautiful month of the year. Isn’t it? Especially, for those of us who have birthday in December – like me – the joy is double. No matter how the entire year has treated each of us – positively or negatively- the last month of the year eliminates all the unpleasant feelings with one simple, magic touch. Getting to the end, we close an old chapter, review some things and give to ourselves a feedback of the year that passed. We hope for a better new beginning and look forward to it. All about December is wonderful! And Christmas DIY crafts are even better.

One of the things that I enjoy doing with my kids at holidays, are crafts. So, while watching the movie “The Prince of Christmas: The Royal Baby” recently on Netflix, I got inspired and made this perfect, Christmas craft-quiz game. In the film, traditionally, the members of the royal family gathered on Christmas Eve and played a quiz game about royal traditions and legends. The game included a handmade tree, handmade ornaments, a star for the top and some questions. Whoever answered a question correctly, each time, placed an ornament on the tree. The player who reached the top first – having answered the most questions – would place the star on the top of the tree and became the winner.

Of course, I found a simpler and easier way to make the tree. So, if you want to have some holiday fun with your family, all you have to do is start making your own tree. Believe me, your little ones will love it! Below, are all the steps for the most perfect Christmas DIY craft-game!

What will you need?

-1 green polyester felt sheet A4

-1 plain cardboard

-Hook and loop tape

-All-purpose glue or silicone

-Multicolor pom-poms

-Yellow glitter foam sheet

-5 white canson paper sheets

-Gold and silver indelible markers

-Christmas stickers

How to make it?

  1. First, I drew a Christmas tree on the cardboard, using a ruler. I cut it out and placed it on the felt sheet. Using the cardboard tree as a guide, I cut the exact same tree you see in the photo, from the felt sheet.
  2. Next, I glued them on top of each other with silicone. You can also use all- purpose glue. In this way, the tree becomes more stable.
  3. Then, I cut the hook and loop tape into small, square pieces and glued them on different parts of the tree. Meanwhile, I glued the pieces from the other side of the tape on the pom poms (which are actually used as ornaments for the tree).
  4. Next, I formed a star on the foam sheet and cut it out. On the back side of the star I glued a piece of hook and loop tape, so it could be attached to the top of the tree.
  5. Finally, I made the question cards from the canson paper sheets and decorated them using the Christmas stickers and various designs, using the gold and silver markers. The DIY Christmas craft-game is ready!

How is it played?

-First, 2 players at a time participate.

-Second, pom poms (ornaments) are shared among players. For instance, one player gets 3 yellow and 3 pink ornaments and the other one gets 3 blue and 3 red ornaments.

-Third, another person reads the questions to the participants. Every time that someone answers a question correctly, a pom pom is hung on the tree. The player who will place all of his ornaments on the tree first, wins and gets to put the star on the top!

Here are some question ideas:

Where is Santa Claus Village located?

  • Honolulu
  • Rovaniemi
  • Greenland

Who stole the Christmas?

  • Gargamel
  • Grinch
  • Bigfoot

Who is Santa’s helper?

  • The reindeer
  • The elf
  • The mouse

In the movie “Home Alone”, what happens to little Kevin?

  • He burns the Christmas tree
  • His parents forget him at home
  • He loses his gift

What is the name of the Christmas flower?

  • Poinsettia
  • Rafflesia
  • Gardenia

Complete the phrase “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer…”

  • Used to laugh and call them names
  • Had a very shiny nose
  • Was the happiest of all

What does the star on top of the tree symbolize?

  • Joy and happiness
  • The bright star that guided the Magi to where baby Jesus was born
  • Light and hope

What was Jesus Mother’s name?

  • Anna
  • Mary
  • Joan

How many reindeers does Santa Claus have?

  • 9
  • 10
  • 12

What do we say on January 1st?

  • Merry Christmas
  • Happy New Month
  • Happy New Year

There is a bunch of other holiday questions! Think of some more! I hope you make this tree and enjoy it, as much as we enjoyed it with our kids! What DIY crafts have you made with your children this month?

Happy Holidays!

Mama Anna

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