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5+1 fun and easy games to play with your kids

The weather is getting cold and cloudy. Thus, there aren’t too many options left for outdoor activities and walks. This means that you will spend several weekends at home with your children. Will you watch movies, make crafts and bake cookies again? Instead, try something new. Create some entertaining games to keep your kids occupied.

What will you need?

-6 different colors (markers, colored pencils or crayons)

-1 white cardboard

First, draw and color 6 images of your choice on the cardboard, then lay it on the floor. The first player steps on the cardboard randomly, while the second one guides him talking quickly and tells him where to move each time. For instance, if you drew a star, a heart and a circle, you say heart and the player is suppose to move on the heart, then you say star, then you can repeat the heart, so he goes back and forth. If the first player gets confused, while stepping on a wrong image, he loses his turn. In addition, it’s a good game to exercise kids’ concentration.

 What will you need?

-2 plastic bowls or wicker baskets

-Foam craft sheets

-Pair of scissors

-1 black or blue marker

First, draw various images on the foam sheets, for instance 5 stars, 5 hearts, etc. Then, cut them and on the back of each image category write a number from 1 to 5. For instance, the hearts will correspond to 3 points , the stars to 5 points etc. Then, place them on a chair upside down, so the players can’t see the points, across the bowls at a distance of 3 meters. That will be the starting point. Next, place the bowls next to each other, half a meter apart. Each player, randomly takes an image from the chair and runs to place it in his own bowl. The process is repeated, until there are no more images left on the chair. Count each player’s points. The one with the most is the winner. This one is great for physical exercise and it will become one of their favourite games.

 What will you need?

-1 notebook without lines

-Various stickers

Think of a story. Start sticking the stickers on your notebook making your own fairy tale. Simultaneously, every time you stick a sticker, narrate your story to the kids. You will be surprised by their reaction to that one. They will try to participate, changing some parts of your story. Alternatively, you can write the story making a little book.

What will you need?

-White sheets

-Pencils or pens

-1 children book of your choice

First, sit around a table with your playmates. Then, place the book in the middle. Everyone must have a white sheet and a pen in front of them. Start in random order, opening the book on a random page. Whatever word you see first, write it on your paper, without being seen by your playmates. Continue alternately. Write as many words as you want, until you get tired. At the end, read the words that you all wrote, alternately. You read the first word, then your kids read the ones they wrote, one by one etc. The abstract sentences that are formed are very funny and you will enjoy reading them. Sometimes, simple games are more fun!

What will you need?

-A white sheet

-A pen or pencil

First, sit on the couch turning your back to your playmate. He must draw something on your back using his fingers. It might be an image, letter or number. You in turn have to guess, what was drawn on your back. Without letting you know, if you guessed right or wrong, your playmate draws on the paper the image that he drew and the one that you guessed. Each player guesses up to 10 images. At the end, take a look at the paper to see who guessed the most.

What will you need?

 -A white sheet

 -A pair of scissors

 –1 pen or pencil

– 1 little box

Cut the sheet into small square pieces. Write something funny to do on each piece of paper. For instance, make the turkey noise or hug the couch or open the window and shout “Hello world!”or do the Moonwalking etc. After that, put all the papers inside a little box. Each player picks randomly one piece of paper and he must do whatever it says. I had made a list of games for my eldest daughter’s birthday this year, including this one as well. Her friends loved it!

However, children can play together or with you.

Have fun!

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