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4 effective and pleasant ways to help your kids sleep easier

As parents, we know that children can be unpredictable, as well as, if kids sleep on time or not. Today they can be calm and cooperative and the next day they can literally raise your blood pressure. If I ask any mom, I’m sure she will answer that her favorite time of the day is at night, when it comes time for the kids to go to bed. Yes, but here we have got a little issue. Do they put their PJs on, say goodnight and go straight to sleep? Or for the next two hours, they are jumping on the couch, laughing non-stop and getting all the energy out of their bodies, just when your eyelids barely remain open and you are about to fall asleep? 

And you wonder, do they do it on purpose to break your nerves? Aren’t they tired from seven o’clock in the morning since they woke up? Don’t they need some sleep? Yesterday, for instance, my youngest daughter fell asleep on the couch, mouth open, snoring, from nine o’clock in the evening while I was washing the dishes. But because she was very sweaty from the game she played before, I woke her up and gave her a quick bath. And I was saying to myself, “Now she will start yelling, mom I wanna sleep, let me go!” I even brushed her teeth. Miraculously, she didn’t make a single sound. So, I put her PJs on, and before she even rested her head on the pillow, she was already dreaming. That was one of the luckiest days when I did absolutely nothing to make her sleep.

So, for the difficult days, I have found four effective ways for my children to make them sleep more easily. You can try it too:

1. 5 minutes massage: I gently massage their head, then the ears, the fingers and then the back. You can use a baby oil with lavender or chamomile for best results. You will see that they will gradually relax and close their eyes. Sometimes, I wish I was in their place at that time. This method will make your kids sleep instantly.

2. Relaxing music that can be combined with a fairy tale: Along with the music that plays, read a nice story, using a calm and low tone of voice. Sometimes, music itself helps. Just leave the children alone in the room and walk away. You can find relaxing music for kids on YouTube, there are various options. However, if you use your mobile phone, make sure that its screen is not visible so that it doesn’t distract children. Put it somewhere high, in a closet for instance.

3. Draw your dream: Encourage your children to do a painting before they go to bed. Tell them to draw the dream they want to see, let them put their painting under the pillow and then tell them to go to bed.

4. You can also tell them nice things such as, how much you love them and how happy you are to have them in your life. Give them a big hug and a huge kiss. I remember when my sister and I were little, we really felt good, after our mother’s evening hug.

What ways do you use to make your kids sleep easier?

I will be happy to hear your ideas!

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