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5 minute facial treatment for a clean and glowing look

When I became a mom, I stopped caring about myself as much as I did before. It all started to revolve around my children and I became completely dedicated to my parenting role. But the more I neglected myself, in combination with the unbalanced nutrition, the more I started to get psychologically tired and stressed. Therefore, my physical performance dropped. In addition, my skin became dull and dry. So, I decided to do some things for myself on a daily basis, such as the 5 minute facial care routine. I consulted the Make up Artist and Beautician Despina Agou. For moms who need care, but don’t have enough time. We prepared an express facial treatment, step by step that should become your daily habit.

Morning facial treatment:

Step 1 Every morning, wash your face and neck with a special cleansing soap, suitable for your skin type. Rinse with plenty of warm water and wipe with a soft towel.

In this way, any intense oiliness, sweat and germs that accumulate on your skin during sleep, as well as, residues from care and makeup products from the previous night, are removed. Your skin becomes clean, radiant and ready to get all the nutrients of the moisturizer, which you will apply in the next step.

For normal/mixed/oily skin type, prefer a soap in gel form. For sensitive and dehydrated skin, in the form of foam, so it doesn’t irritate your skin.

Step 2 After each facial wash, you should certainly use a toning lotion and a moisturizing day cream.

This helps to relax, rejuvenate, soothe and smooth your skin. While at the same time, it protects it from dust, pollutants and any hormonal abnormality. Apply a small amount of toning lotion to a make-up remover disc and cleanse face and neck, with upward movements. As for the moisturizer, use different for under the eyes and different one for the rest of the face, with suitability for your skin type.

Step 3 Apply a BB cream (Beauty Balm) with antioxidant and anti-aging action, for fresher and more youthful skin. It has got SPF index (Sun Protection Factor), make-up color and hydrates your skin. Also, for hydrated and beautiful lips, have always in your bag a lipgloss or lipbalm, with natural color tones. This way, you will always look well-groomed, achieving a quick and light make-up, if you are in a hurry.

Night facial treatment:

Step 4 At the end of the day, after changing clothes and washing hands thoroughly, you must always do, an evening facial cleaning. Clean face and neck, with a Micellaire (face cleansing water without rinsing) using make-up removal disc or the soap that you use in the morning, following the same procedure. Thus, you remove dirt, sebum, dust and makeup from the face, leaving your skin clean and soft.

Step 5 Next, apply the toner and moisturizing night cream again, as you do in the morning.

Imagine, how much invisible dirt your skin gets rid of!

Tip It would be good, to always have an Evian type spray with you, so that at any time of the day you feel distressed, you can spray it on your face. This will help you to renew your makeup, rejuvenate your skin and give you a feeling that you have just washed your face with soap and water.

Do not forget your daily facial treatment, it feels good!

Despoina Agkou

Make up Artist/Beautician


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