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Happy International Father’s Day on its way! Gift ideas

The International Father’s Day is in a few days. A special day, which gives you the opportunity to express to your beloved dad everything that you don’t get to tell him during the year. So on that day, you show your love with a hug, a kiss, a smile, a gift or a  simple “Happy Father’s day!”

The father is the other link that holds the family strong and united. He is your support, your security, your confidence and your rock. He is the one who holds your hand as you grow older. Simultaneously, he is walking by your side on a road full of stones and flowers. In a world full of cruelty but also kindness. On rainy and sunny days. He is the person you can count on, perch, confide, burst out, trust, laugh and cry together. He is the one who will never let you fall or get hurt. So for that, we love our fathers!

At this point, I would like to mention that due to Father’s Day my eldest daughter and I, thought of writing this article and dedicating it to our beloved father-husband Antonis! He hasn’t a clue about it yet. It will be a surprise!

So while writing, I questioned my kids, “Why do you love daddy?” they answered me:
-He buys us lots of treats and toys!
-Takes us for walks to the park to meet our friends and he lets us play as long as we want!
-He is good and he rarely says no to what we want!
-Because he is our dad!
The last one was the best, I laughed!

Let’s see now some gift ideas for our daddies.

  • A keychain with a family photo. Ideally, you can engrave a message on it, such as, “We love you daddy!” or “The family of the best dad!” etc.
  • A jockey hat or t-shirt with a stamp, such as,”Proud Dad!” or “This dad is mine!” etc.
  • A nice leather wallet. They need to be replaced every year, because they wear out easily.
  • If your dad is smoking, you can encourage him to quit. Engrave a message, “Stop smoking as soon as the lighter is over!” on an iron lighter.
  • A mug with a printed message, such as, “Best daddy’s coffee!” or “Daddy, this coffee is for you with love!”

All these different International Days that have been established, from time to time, are very nice. However, I believe that we don’t have to wait all year round to say how we feel to our loved ones. We must remind them every single day through words and actions, how much we love them and appreciate them. Furthermore, how lucky and blessed we are to have them in our lives.

Happy Father’s Day to our daddy and to all the dads of the world!

Love Mama Anna, Helen and Natalie

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