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How can you keep your house organized? Practical ideas

How do you feel, when you clean the house for three whole hours and see it up and down, in five minutes? Toys scattered in every corner, you step on them and sit on them. You can find one in every room. You take a deep breath, try to smile and keep yourself calm, while the little “monsters” run back and forth and shout. Certainly, it’s not possible to walk after the children like a vacuum cleaner and pick up everything they throw down. You’ve got plenty of things to do. And it is definitely not easy to keep the house organized every day. Although, there are few simple things that you can do to save the situation.

Set some limits The effectiveness, however, depends on how you set these limits. If you constantly say no, can’t and don’t do this or that, children stop listening to you. You can guide them in a nice way in order to achieve the desired result.

Here are some tips to minimize the daily chaos and get the house organized.

Set up a special area for exclusive game

In a corner of the living room, I made a place with their toys and named it “The princess castle.” I explained, if they wanted to play in the living room, they would only play in the princess castle (that was their limit) and they could choose any fairy tale they wanted to play the roles. After a few days, I changed the subject. So, it would be more interesting to the kids. I turned it into the “Pirate Ship”, then into the “Lost Island of Treasures.”

Before I put the toys inside

Hide the toys that children no longer use

I placed the toys they no longer use in a box and stored them away. When they got bored with the rest toys they were playing with, instead of getting new ones, I hid them and took out the ones I had stored in the box, before. I was repeating doing it, as long as the process drew their interest. Every time, I was taking out the box, even though, they had seen the content before, they were getting excited and were playing with it, as if it was their first time. When children have too many toys, they get distracted, unable to play. So, they throw them all on the floor and scatter them all over the house.

My grandmother says, when she was a child, she had a doll that she adored and she played with it all day long. It was one single doll that made her happy. Today’s parents buy too many unnecessary toys for their children. They do it out of love, I used to do it too. Therefore, the children become greedy and don’t appreciate everything they already have. So, let’s stop the shopping spree!

Smart toy storages

You can find online all kind of storage spaces and toy boxes. They will untie your hands and children will easily and quickly find the objects they are looking for. Since they will be organized and grouped. Take a look at the ideas that I used, below.

Remove tiny objects and unnecessary items

Children tend to touch anything that is exposed and shines. So, I stored all the tiny decorative items I had in the living room, on the fireplace, on the table, in the TV set and whatever else wasn’t useful. Then, I stopped buying toys that consist of a lot of tiny parts, because there is always a piece missing and in the end it’s under the bed, the couch or thrown anywhere in the house. Of course, as kids grow older they learn to get their things in order.

Thus, you can get your house organized at some point and make your life easier!





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