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Makeup tips for busy moms to improve the tired look


What does a mom usually see when she looks at herself in the mirror? Black circles under the eyes, messy hair and tired look. In few words, an exhausted version of herself, thinking of how to reveal her hidden beauty. The beauty that got lost inside the intense daily life. Certainly, motherhood externalizes the inner beauty of a mom. However, all the moms of the world are at first women and they all need to take care of themselves, time to time. Here are some makeup tips for busy moms.

Lina will describe you an effective and quick way for a restful and well-groomed look, step by step.

  • Use concealer. The right concealer can do miracles, instantly transforming tired eyes into restful ones. As if you slept ten hours straight. Prefer one with creamy texture that has built-in brush. Apply it with a special brush or with your fingers which is the best, since their temperature provides a natural result. Start by applying it under the eyes with an upward movement, up to the first tufts of your hair. Thus, you create a lifting effect for clean and lifted eyes.


  • Light make-up or bb cream. Choose the one that suits you best. I suggest a BΒ cream. It covers imperfections, provides sun protection and contains make-up, which creates a natural result. Sunscreen is a must for your skin. Even if you live in rainy cities like Cologne, Glasgow and Tampere or freezing ones in winter like Ottawa, Bucharest and Helsinki, sunscreen is a must. You may think that the sun doesn’t affect your skin during cloudy weather, but the sunrays actually do reach your skin. Apply sunscreen on your face, in winter and summer, regardless of whether it rains or snows.


  • Give some color with a blush. You can smile in the mirror and apply the blush using a special brush with a slight backward movement, so that it applies exactly on your cheekbones. For light skin tones, prefer baby pink or peach shades. For dark skin tones, prefer intense peach/pink/fuchsia/plum shades to make some contrast.


  • Mascara is a must. Choose yours, depending on the result you want to have e.g. thicker lashes for an intense look. There are so many of them in the market with different brushes for this purpose. Tip: Don’t put mascara under the eyes, it usually makes you look older than your age. So, it’s better to leave this spot clean.


  • Lip balm or lipstick. A small detail for a balanced result. Get a fresh look and moisturize your lips.


With these 5 simple makeup tips for busy moms, you can start your day feeling beautiful and self-confident! Wherever you are!

Lina Karydi

Make up Artist




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