Let me introduce you Meet Mama Anna,

I am Anna and I live in Athens with my husband and our two daughters, 10 and 5 years old. At times, I lived in Toronto, New York, Moscow, Yerevan and Tbilisi. I have studied Sociology at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences and I have completed my internship in the field of Criminology at the Athens Court of Appeals and Juvenile Courts. For over 14 years, I worked as a store manager in branded clothing and jewelry companies.

I love reading books, because they make my thoughts travel. Music is my addiction, because it cheers me up. I am into  travelling, because every time I discover new things. Working out is my way to balance my mind and body. I enjoy cooking, because I like exploring new flavors and smells. Finally, I am a fashion and beauty product fan, because first of all, I am a woman 🙂

Travelling from a young age, I met people with different cultures, the customs and traditions of different countries, as well as their history. My willingness to get to know more things about the world, became more intense. So in this blog, I would like to hear how mothers in different countries raise their children? How is the daily life of those moms? What challenges do they face? How working moms combine motherhood and work? What activities do they do and where do they go with their children and everything related. Meet Mama Anna will be the meeting point for moms around the world, who will share with us their special daily lives. I look forward to hearing your stories, wherever you are.

Meanwhile, I will be sharing with you my personal thoughts, experiences and knowledge as a mom, as well as, the fairy-tales I write, some tips, trends and scientific informative articles from specialists on various topics that concern a new or an experienced mom.

You can also find me on my Instagram account @meetmamanna.gr

So the journey begins, are you ready?


Mama Anna