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Blogger “Flavormommy” talks about her momlife, in Komotini city

Today, we are going to meet mommy Katerina from the picturesque city Komotini, the capital of the Rhodope, in Northeastern Greece. Mother to two beautiful and smart boys, as she says, Katerina has dedicated herself to the care of her family and home. In her spare time, she engages with her personal blog. Flavormommy.blogspot.com, in which you can discover delicious, motherly recipes and so much more, about momlife.

«I love my momlife and I really enjoy being a mom, cooking, even though I have difficult and demanding “customers” at home. I am an amateur writer of children’s books. So far, I have written 2 books and I hope to see them published, in the future. I like to read about child psychology. I develop my knowledge through books and observing nature, herbs and essential oils that it offers us. At the same time, I try to use them taking care of our body and health. I like crafts, generally, anything that relates to construction and design. In fact, at some point, I wanted to become a fashion designer! I am a low profile person and quite anxious. I despise the loud voices and whining (of adults), while I like a quiet and warm environment that exudes positive energy» Katerina says.

«My husband and I have been trying to become parents for 2 years. Back then, my doctor had told me that it might had been due to psychological factors and especially to my anxiety. So, during that time, I decided not to work. I relaxed and stopped thinking all the time, about when I would become a mom. In that way, I was able to experience what I longed for, that wonderful feeling! The feeling of a woman conceiving a tiny life inside her body! From that blessed moment, my life changed. I entered the magic world of momlife»!

«When you become a mother, it is a beginning of new life. A momlife! A new chapter! A woman, whose small part remains the same and the rest of her is reborn»!

«From the first moment, I started thinking of the little human that was growing inside me. I focused on my nutrition, in order to provide all the necessary vitamins to my baby, through my body. I was afraid for the first little life and then for the second one that would come into the world. In addition, I had all the concerns and fears that each new mom has».

«My first baby boy was born normally and very healthy. I was extremely happy and strongly determined to breastfeed him, no matter the difficulties I would encounter. From the childbirth classes I had taken, I was very well prepared for what exactly awaited me, (although, it definitely differs when you actually experience it). Thus, I was able to exclusively breastfeed my first son, until he was 6 months old and then up to 4.5 years old, in combination with solid food. Eventually, he weaned himself» Katerina says.

«I really wanted to experience all that, intensely! So, I behaved in the same way with my second baby boy. With the difference that due to complications, he had to be born by C-section. I was anxious and upset, as at that time, my mother was going to have heart surgery. So, on the same day, the contractions started and the birth started too. Fortunately, everything went well and breastfeeding continued. I breastfed while I was pregnant, then went with “Tandem nursing”, (they have age difference 2.5 years). My little one, who is 6 years old, still asks for milk before going to sleep. However, I started not having enough milk, so, I think it is a matter of time before weaning».

«Although, there were difficult times, as well. Marathon breastfeeding, sore and engorged breasts, while I was trying to relief them spending endless hours massaging, using breast pump or doing hot compresses. Nevertheless, I would do exactly the same for my children, all over again».

«For me, motherhood is many things. It is emotions, actions, moments, infinite love, affection, tenderness, devotion, care, fear, fatigue, sleepless nights, anxiety, hugs, absolute priority and the list goes on. As children grow older, the list grows even more. Although, I was never worried, nor am I worried, about whether my house is tidy, whether I have not ironed, whether I constantly wear pajamas and overalls. I, who liked to dress up, take care of myself and wear high heels, I no longer mind having toys everywhere. Simply, because my kids are slowly growing up, they have to learn to be neat, take care of their own things and themselves. So, we started readjusting some habits in our house and hopefully, it will work» Katerina says.

Historic mansion Nestoros Tsanaklis, Tsanaklios School,

Old Prytany. Now renovated, Municipal Library of Komotini.

Also, the museum of a great mathematician & scientist 

Konstantinos Karatheodoris.

«In general, when they were babies and until recently, I did not mind them getting dirty or messy. The only thing I was worried about was their health and physical integrity and I’m still worried. Illnesses scare me! They really bring me down to my knees. I am not calm in such situations. Although, I thank God that my children haven’t had serious illnesses so far and I hope they won’t have any, in the future, nor any other child».

«Generally, my sons suffer from laryngitis, shortness of breath with mild asthma and allergies. Parents who have experienced all of the above, are able to truly understand the difficulties and anxieties of those situations. Watching my children not being able to breathe, at that moment, I felt helpless. Running to the hospital in the middle of the night, staying awake and spending sleepless nights, to make sure they are breathing well. Winter evenings on the balcony, with the hoods on, to inhale some fresh air. It is a way to treat laryngitis, until the medicine works».

Historic neoclassical building of Komotini Club,

right next to the historic walls of the city fortress.

«An ordinary day for me, starts by dropping my kids off to school. Then, I return home and do all the chores. Cooking, tidying up around, cleaning, laundry, etc. Then, when it is the time, I am picking them up from school. Setting the table for lunch, cleaning up and taking kids to extracurricular activities. The day ends by doing their homework and if there is any time left, we spend some quality time together. When they don’t have school, our day starts calmly and depending on the mood, we adjust the daily schedule. Certainly, house chores never end. However, I try to organize them effectively. This is what momlife is about» Katerina says.

Summer Municipal Theater of Komotini, located in the small

grove where the region and the old Hero are.

«Often, we go for walks to the beach, mountain or hiking. Sometimes, they spend some time with me in the kitchen, preparing food. When they are in the mood, their dad encourages them to go for cycling, jogging or a walk. We also like to paint and this year, we decided to make our first book of dried herbs and plants. In addition, we play with playmobil, dragons and we like to create stories, during the game. Sometimes, we play board games and of course, they also love video games. After all, it is the favorite trend of all kids, today. We try to set some time limits, concerning those games, but it does not always work. We read fairy tales, but not with the same enthusiasm, as when they were littler. They play and fight with each other and they really like role-playing games».

Peace Square. In the backround dominates the monument of Heroes

“The Sword”.

«The daily life has changed, with this pandemic situation that we all experience and so, has changed our children’s life. They miss playing and socializing with their friends and peers. They miss childhood. Sitting in a classroom for hours, with the masks covering their faces, following rules and obligations. It is like someone took their rights away. The basic right of freedom. I hope and wish for better days, more normal and carefree»!

«My main concern is for my children to be healthy and happy. Grow into happy adults, be humble in their lives, respect themselves and those around them and have self-confidence. Finally, evolve into creative and positive people, with values»!

What advice would you give, as a mother to a mother?

«I would say that mothers should not worry about the messy house. They should try to enjoy momlife and create, as many happy memories as possible, with their little ones. Time goes by so fast! Certainly, there is no perfect mom. On the contrary, there is fatigue, which sometimes, results to emotional stress. We are human beings and somewhere in between, we lose our temper, precisely because, at that moment, we are just focusing at ourselves. When we perceive the world, through the eyes of our children, only then, we will be able to keep our composure».

«We must listen to our children, whatever it is they want to tell us. Whether they are complaining about something or asking for something, in whatever age group they are, we should LISTEN to them! Try to find solutions. Momlife is hard, but if we look at them from another point of view, we will surely find the answers we need. In their eyes, even the smallest and insignificant for us thing, is important, because they do not know, how to manage it. Finally, we must try to cope with our own difficulties, in such a manner that will teach them, how to deal with various adversities in their own lives, in order to become stronger humans».

Many thanks, to lovely mommy Katerina, who shared with us her own, unique momlife! You are doing a wonderful job mama! 

What is your story mama? Can’t wait to listen about your momlife in your country! 







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