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Momlife in Bermuda: The experience of an expat mom

Today, we are going to meet an expat mommy. Soraya is a stay at home mum to three children (5, 2 years old and 10 months old), who moved from UK to Bermuda with her family, due to her husband’s job. Back then, her daughter was 2,5 years old and she was also pregnant with her son. She will share with us her momlife experience in Bermuda.

Bermuda is a cluster of mostly-interconnected small islands, in the North Atlantic and it is Britain’s oldest British Overseas Territory. It is a beautiful place full of culture, history, architecture and fun. Thus, it has been nicknamed “Bermudaful”. The average sea temperatures there are 23 degrees Celsius and the water is clear aqua blue.

“The sand here is known as “pink sand” and it is the softest sand I have ever felt. My first thought when I stepped on it, was “flour”, because it feels just like “flour”, Soraya says.

“When I first moved to Bermuda, I didn’t know anyone. So, I was worried about being a stay at home mum and for the first time alone, without any friends and relatives near me. However, I joined a lovely mama group called “MAMA Bermuda”, where they organize weekly activities and playgroups. That way, I met lots of amazing mums and I currently volunteer there running their social media. As much as, I enjoy being a stay at home mum, I do also find it challenging. Having to keep my two year old son and baby girl entertained and stimulated is hard work. I am joking, but I’m also serious, about the fact that I find being a full-time mum much harder, than when I was a full-time working mum. Although, I am not really sure that my hubby really understands this”, Soraya says.

 Maternity leave here is much like in the US. Most working mums I have met, had 3 months as standard and after that they either took unpaid leave or used holiday allowance to spend extra time with their new baby, at home. I feel lucky I did not have that dilemma, as I would have personally struggled to leave my baby at 3 months in the care of a nanny or nursery. That is the downside of moving abroad. We “lost” our family network to help and support us, if we needed it”, she says.

 The pros of momlife in Bermuda:

“Nannies are a popular choice in Bermuda for a lot of expat families and the great thing about our move to Bermuda is the work-life balance. Bermuda is a very small island, 1 mile wide and 26 miles long! So commuting is super quick on the island. My husband gets much more quality time with the kids. It is also great for him as a dad, to be able to be home, by 5:30 PM. So, he gets to jump into the pool with the kids, before dinner”, she says.

“As a mum, I find evenings the most challenging time with the kids. Preparing the dinner and getting them ready for bed is exhausting and rather chaotic. In the UK my husband wouldn’t get back until 8 PM, due to his London commute. So, our daughter would already be in bed and I would be tired and grumpy. However, since our move to Bermuda he is home earlier and can help me during dinner and bedtime. Plus, he gets to spend some family time in the evening, which is lovely.”

“The island is set up very much for outdoor life. We enjoy railway trail walks, which spans the length of the island. The railway trail is no longer there, but the path still exists and cuts a beautiful walk through the island, where you can see wildlife, beautiful sea views through woodland, nature reserves and past volcanic stone.”

Other activities we enjoy are beach and pool days. There is also a fun, inflatable obstacle course in the sea, which always reminds me of the UK program “Total Wipeout”. This is a super, fun family activity. Bermuda has also, lots of limestone caves formed millions of years ago. You can find them all over the island, but the most magnificent are the Crystal Caves, discovered in 1907, when a couple of kids climbed down after their cricket ball. This is a must see if you visit. 

 The cons of momlife in Bermuda:

“Unfortunately, there is not much to do on rainy days. I actually, miss the vast options you can do with the kids in the UK. I struggle with the lack of variety, such as soft plays, petting farms, theme parks, theatres, museums and so much more! There is a small petting farm, museum and trampoline park, but my point is, there is not much choice.”

-What advice would you give to other mums, as a mother yourself?

“Don’t compare or ever feel like you are not doing a “good job”. I feel like we naturally, compare ourselves to other mums or what their kids are doing/achieving. Ultimately, we all have struggles behind closed doors. I don’t believe in a perfect mum, even if that’s what they outwardly portray. We are mums and we are all doing the best we can. Love and laugh! That is my motto in our household.”

Thank you so much Soraya for sharing your beautiful journey to motherhood, through your words and pictures! Momlife in Bermuda is magnificent!

If you are looking for creative crafts and activities, sensory and messy play ideas, follow Soraya on Instagram @messymamauk. You will absolutely love her beautiful account. You can also go to www.messymama.co.uk, it is her blog, where Soraya is sharing ideas for hands on sensory, messy play and easy, creative crafts for curious kids and busy mums. Ask her about the benefits of messy play!

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