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New York: A colorful day at Long Island Tulip Festival

Vicky is a devoted mother and wife, who always tries to find new ways and ideas to spend constructive time, with her five-year-old daughter. They make a lot of crafts, construction activities and play various games. Sometimes, they decide to “escape” from home for a few hours, to have a family walk. “New York is a magical city, full of wonderful, fun places that can be visited with children. The choices are countless, for all ages and preferences”, she says.

Every spring, the tulip festival takes place in different cities of the world. The tulip, has been a symbolic and beloved flower from country to country, for many centuries. A few days ago, Vicky and her family, visited the tulip festival hosted at the Waterdrinker Family Farm in Long Island, New York. They like to go to similar places that are outdoors and include activities for the whole family. So, every time something new opens, they don’t miss the opportunity to visit it.

Over half a million tulips and other spring bulbs have been planted in an area of 15 acres. A visual feast of colors that reminds you of a rainbow. “We had a wonderful time and our day ended with the best impressions. My daughter was very happy and excited, so were we. A place clean and tidy, with fresh air. It’s a must go for a family”, she says.

I was speechless when I heard it, 500,000 tulips! If you enjoy the image of a vase of flowers in your living room or you are a flower lover, imagine being there, among all those countless, beautiful tulips. Walk among them and admire their vibrant colors.

The tulip festival was combined with different kind of activities for children and adults, such as:

  • Jumbo Jump Pad
  • Mini golf
  • Barnyard Animals, such as: pigs, sheep, goats and dwarf lamas
  • Wheels inside
  • Tractor Pedal Cars and more

“My daughter enjoyed them all, however, her favorite activity was mini golf. In general, she likes sports. For instance, last year, she took football lessons for girls and boys, through fun games under the guidance of coaches. It was the Super Soccer Stars. I believe that it’s very important for children to participate in various activities, as it helps them to improve their motor and communication skills. In addition, they acquire self-confidence, team spirit, but most of all, they have fun.”

“There were many families with babies and children. In addition, you could take the most unforgettable photos with or without a professional camera, ideal for a memory photo book that contains all the unique family moments. Moments you will remember with your child, as he or she grows up”, Vicky says.

Many thanks to mommy Vicky from New York City, who shared with us her colorful day and the wonderful photos. I hope that very soon, all the families will have the opportunity to travel safely around the world and visit all the marvelous places that exist. After all, one of the most beautiful things in this life, is travelling.

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