10 easy and must do things to relax when you are a mother

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for an immediate solution to relax the intense rhythms of your daily life, as a mom. You need to calm your mind and body and stop being plugged in, all the time. You need some time-out from the constant noise and the non-stop word mom. We both know that miracles don’t happen when you are a mother. Objectively, it’s not easy at all to find some personal time, during the day. But there are small solutions. I have got for you few tips to relax and take a breath on a daily basis.

  • Start your day with something pleasant that will lighten your mood. In the morning, while the children are asleep and there is an absolute silence, before you begin all the work you have to do, take a warm relaxing shower using a favorite shower gel. Mine has ginger and green tea scent. The tension will go away, you will instantly wake up and you will smell nice.


  • Enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee or tea, on the balcony or in front of an open window, listening to the sounds of nature and breathing some fresh air. This is, one of my favourite things to relax. So, I prefer Greek coffee. Sometimes, I add a little bit of cinnamon for a stronger smell, as they do in Mexico or cardamom, as in Morocco. Coffee has become a way of life for millions of people around the world, thanks to its beneficial qualities, unique taste and irresistible aroma. It has different variations from country to country, while people use various and unique ways to drink it. So, another common thing that all the mothers share, is a cup of morning coffee. If, of course, you live in countries like Ireland, England, Russia, China or India, you probably prefer a cup of tea instead of coffee. However, both, coffee and tea are excellent beverages, with significant health benefits. Which one do you prefer?


  • Breakfast is essential to have a productive day. After all, experts say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You need to supply your body with the necessary food, in order to have energy and stamina, all day long. “A hungry bear doesn’t dance,” as the Greek saying goes. Thus, even “A hungry mom doesn’t dance.” Of course, the quality and habits of breakfast vary from country to country. Ideally, the right combination for the perfect breakfast is with protein, starch and fresh fruit or vegetable.


  • Play games that don’t require standing or running. If your kids ask you to play with them, but the thought of it makes you crawl, there is a solution! Play self-made games. Just sit down, relax and enjoy playing. Read related game ideas here.


  • Have home-made picnic with the kids. When you “chase” the kids with a spoon to make them eat, it’s exhausting and irritating. So, if you have a difficult day, have a home-made picnic. All you need, is an old baby sheet and some pillows. You can do it in any space you have available. You can also, put some bird sounds to be heard, in order to create an outdoor picnic atmosphere. It’s fun, the kids will get to eat their food and they will enjoy it!


  • Clean the house playing.When you shout at your kids, “Pick it up now!” the usual answer that you get is “no” or they just ignore you. Try it differently! Tell them you will play a speed game. Whoever cleans faster will be the winner of the day. You could set a time limit at this point, so kids are more concentrated on their goal. Then, play the soap-bubble-water game. Let the kids wash the dishes, they love water and foam. Now, you can finally give the winner award. Make an award out of hard paper that says, “Well done!” or whatever you prefer. They will play, work out and most of all, they will be proud that they managed to get the award. They will definitely have an incentive to do it again. Don’t forget to thank them for their valuable help and give them a huge hug, every time.


  • Read your favorite novel. Do you wish to read the latest novel that you bought, but you can’t? Place few children books on the table. Sit on the couch and start reading your book. The kids will imitate you. It may not work at first, however, the frequency of this action will eventually yield the desired result. By the time, they flip through it all and read few paragraphs, you will get to enjoy at least 3-4 pages of your novel. Sometimes, my kids listen to audio tales. My mother did it for me as well, when I was little. We had gramophone and vinyls back then. I remember myself, sitting for up to two hours, listening to my favorite fairy tales. Better than a screen.

Audio tales

  • Cook while listening to your favorite music. Sing along and dance while cooking, it’s fun and entertaining. Prepare two different meals for two days when it’s possible, so you won’t have to cook next day. Also, it makes it a lot easier and you will finish faster, if you prepare all the ingredients that you will use to cook, putting them on the counter.


  • Home alone? Take advantage and take a break. If the children go to bed early the night before, finish up the work you have left over. So the next morning, when the kids will be at school or some activity, you will get to have some free time, all to yourself. You can:

       -Relax on the couch watching a nice comedy and laugh out loud.

       -Call a friend and tell your news.

       -Take a nap for an hour.

       -Lie down, close your eyes and listen to relaxing music.


  • Express feet spa. After a long day, your feet swell and ache. Fill a plastic bowl with some warm water and disolve a bath bomb inside. The feeling is unique, as you feel like you have dipped your feet in a mini jacuzzi with bubbles, for a minute. Then, rub your feet with a rasp of medium roughness, emphasizing on heels, which are more damaged and cracked. Apply a foot cream with mint for coolness and hydration! Believe me the feeling is amazing!

Do whatever you want to please yourself. This, of course, isn’t possible on a daily basis. There are days, when you have a lot more to do and when you cannot even walk from fatigue. Although, it would be good for you to adopt some of the above things to relax, once or twice a week.

Take care of yourself mama!


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